There are many different products available to customers in the window film market today. A Better Tint has been very careful in selecting these products because we know our reputation depends on it. While some manufacturers offer similar products and technology we have established a relationship with the original and clear leader in the window film industry for over 25 years, Solargard Specialty Films.

While we can buy any film on the market today, the best part about our brands is that not everyone can buy them. We have been selected as an elite dealer, which gives us access to films and technology that other companies do not have. With our Panorama and LLumar product lines we can offer a window film solution for any situation.

While there are many different types of Residential films on the market today, the most reliable and stable technologies in films are Metal or Ceramic based films. Here is an overview of the differnt technologies.

Metal "Dual Reflective" Films

Metal based films or films commonly reffered to as "Dual Reflective" are polyester based films that are created with metals instaed of cheaper dyes to reflect the heat and increse the view and comfort of a specific area. By using metals instead of dyes the film will never change it's color or appearance unlike the "purple" dye based car tints you may have seen on the road frequently. Dual Reflective metal films are also better than standard metal films in that they offer a lower interior reflection and higher exterior reflection thus enhancing the view looking out of a window. Although interior reflection is minumum, most Dual Reflective films will still increase interior reflection over the standard clear glass reflection making it more difficult for nightime visibilty. For no additional interior or exterior reflection, a ceramic based film is recommended.

Spectrally Selective Films

Spectrally Selective Films are the newest in window film technology. These films use ceramic materials instead of metals to gain more performance and "no additional" reflection on both the interior and exterior views of a window. Ceramic films will also offer more performance than metal based films and also higher performance in very light shades. This makes ceramic films perfect for customers who do not want to alter their view or appearance of their windows but would like the benefit of the heat and UV protection that window film offer.